Burning Silence

It feels like an empty room


Whatever you say would just echo back to you

Why are we even stuck here without a word

Or is this how you want us to be from now on?

This is just torture

I can’t feel the honey/darling thing anymore

I feel like I’m lonely in this place

Why the silence anyway!

What is it that can’t be shared anymore?

We could make it work

And take a walk out of this trouble

This silence feels so louder than noise

And it keeps burning faster than rage

Maybe I’m not the problem

But your silence towards me feels so unusual

And I never wished we got here at all

If only I knew what this was all about

I would have turned the clock to where it all started

And pause it before we got here

I’m dying with pain inside

I no longer have those cuddles when I sleep

And never get the wake-up smiles anymore

I can neither say a “Hi” nor get one back

And the pet names I always looked forward to are like a mirage these days

If it’s not about me, then why this “speech boycott”

There are more questions than answers

But I really want this “slow poison” to end

Because it’s burning faster than I ever thought it would.