Red Rose

I received a note…
I don’t know whom it came from
All that was written on it read “From the east side of town”
Cupid hasn’t shot anyone for me there

…Or maybe I’m not aware of that yet
I opened it with glee
And found a rose seed
There was nothing more I could do
Nothing else to trace the recipient with

…So I made a decision
And put the seed in the ground
It started pushing through the soil beautifully
But I still didn’t know whom it had come from
Maybe love found a new way to come say “hi”
And with the rose, make me smile

…Every now and then, I hope for the one who sent me a rose flower in  this form to show his face
But each day passes by and all I see is a growing red rose which came from the East side of town.




……….We met at the mall
while I was picking a few cookies and sweets.
 And he, just around to shop for
some beers, while getting ready to watch a match with the boys.
We bumped into each other and a schedule for a date was set.

……….I was all dressed in pink, while he was covered with Hugo Boss perfume
I could paint a portrait of him so clear, if given a sheet and a marker;
he looked so bright and his smile reflected right on my lips.
His eyes gazed at me and made mine so dim with shyness.
……….I remember perfectly what he said right after the date……we’ll
 meet again, right here.
 I smiled and repeated, right here. 

……….I tried to wink, but realized my eyes were already, perfectly shut.
 I opened my eyes just to realize my head was tucked firmly to my pillow
and my body, resting peacefully in my bed;
it was a dream.

……….If i really want us to have another date,
as perfect as we did, I guess we’ll definitely meet right there………
……….in my dreams.



Life wouldn’t have been any better without you.
you are a necessity in all life’s situations.
For my sake, you give up all your happiness just to see me smile.
You are a diamond among stones…
a precious mineral among pearls.
What would I have done without you?
Who would I have been without your words of encouragements and inspirations?
Sometimes, I forget all the days I cried, just to put on a smile to make you happy.
When I say a prayer for anyone else, I never forget what mama went through to see me grow.
Now, it seems like yesterday when I was just 6. Mama was there to wipe my tears and pull my cheeks so i could smile from ear-to-ear.
Up until today, whenever a tear drops onto my cheeks, all I see is mama.
Always there!
Always there to wipe my tears off.
I’ll always love you, mama, no matter what. 

Dedicated to my mum and all mothers who make a difference…