I lost it all…
I can’t count how many obstacles I’ve crossed
One, Two, Three
Or maybe a thousand
I just can’t imagine me at the centre of the game
Playing the cheerleader
And hanging on even when I was the loser
It hadn’t even started before I saw it ending
Everything coming down to a score of zero
I tried to fix things…
A little patch here
And a little stitch there
But I was the one bleeding
I was the one being pierced so hard in the chest
I felt blood gushing out of my throat
Maybe it’s time to walk away…
It’s time I took that walk I should have taken a long time ago
I’m sure it’ll help ease my pain
And nurture my bleeding heart
I don’t know where I’m going from here…
Because his heart was the only place I could call home
And now that it seems I’ve lost it, it’s time I lived in solitude
I may just have to wander…
Keep tossing coins
And making wishes
Till I find another place where my heart could live
And breathe beautifully without bruises
And if I finally have to take a walk through that door
I wish he would realise how much I’ve felt the piercings
How long I’ve endured the pains
And how many scars I’m walking away with.