Let’s not do it this way
We’ve come a long way to make it so obvious
The date nights
Teasing each other
All-through the night phone calls
The break-up to make-up times
What happened to all of that?
Are we just going to throw them all to the wind and pretend they never happened?
I’ve always had a “man” in you
And I just can’t sit back and watch you disappear without a trace
We were happy together…
…or so I thought
Not until you started acting funny
And getting angry at every little thing I did or said
I felt so comfortable in your arms
And felt safe telling you all my secrets
But you’ve become a stranger in just a twinkle of an eye
And I no longer trust that my heart is safe with you
I thought our love could stand the test of time
And prove to the world what it really means to be loved
But you took me to the peak
Made me feel so wanted
And left my heart crushing down like it didn’t matter at all
I really wish we could give it one more try
Because I just can’t go on with a broken heart
No, let’s get back together and make this work
One more try is all I’m asking for
Cause all I ever wanted was YOU.





Tears roll down my eyes when I see our picture hanging on the wall
What ever happened to “Us”?
I never wanted it to be this way
But we never have a conversation without fights
Make-up times are even the worst…
Either someone calls your phone and you have to walk away
Or I get an urgent text I’d have to reply
And then the flames start again…
It isn’t that easy looking back at all the things we did together
And now I sit back in the sofa all alone hoping to hear a knock on the door…
I always imagine you standing behind the door with cakes and sweets in your hand saying “It’s weekend again, baby”
How I wish I could erase those memories now
But all I see now is just our smiling picture on the wall
Face-to-face, we always sat in public
And caught the attention of others with our kisses…
Where’s the man who bumped into me and smiled?
Why is it so hard to believe you’re gone so fast?
And why can’t you just make that call to say “I’m sorry”
I’d always take you back
Because that force inside of me is stronger than the ocean waves…
I’d love to hear from you
If you’re indeed not mad at me
I still love you and will always do
…And oh, if I ever did something I’m not even aware of, I’m sorry.
I’m truly sorry…and I could say that a hundred and one times for your sake
Just so you come back home.
Because, I really miss “Us”.