Let’s not do it this way
We’ve come a long way to make it so obvious
The date nights
Teasing each other
All-through the night phone calls
The break-up to make-up times
What happened to all of that?
Are we just going to throw them all to the wind and pretend they never happened?
I’ve always had a “man” in you
And I just can’t sit back and watch you disappear without a trace
We were happy together…
…or so I thought
Not until you started acting funny
And getting angry at every little thing I did or said
I felt so comfortable in your arms
And felt safe telling you all my secrets
But you’ve become a stranger in just a twinkle of an eye
And I no longer trust that my heart is safe with you
I thought our love could stand the test of time
And prove to the world what it really means to be loved
But you took me to the peak
Made me feel so wanted
And left my heart crushing down like it didn’t matter at all
I really wish we could give it one more try
Because I just can’t go on with a broken heart
No, let’s get back together and make this work
One more try is all I’m asking for
Cause all I ever wanted was YOU.





I lost it all…
I can’t count how many obstacles I’ve crossed
One, Two, Three
Or maybe a thousand
I just can’t imagine me at the centre of the game
Playing the cheerleader
And hanging on even when I was the loser
It hadn’t even started before I saw it ending
Everything coming down to a score of zero
I tried to fix things…
A little patch here
And a little stitch there
But I was the one bleeding
I was the one being pierced so hard in the chest
I felt blood gushing out of my throat
Maybe it’s time to walk away…
It’s time I took that walk I should have taken a long time ago
I’m sure it’ll help ease my pain
And nurture my bleeding heart
I don’t know where I’m going from here…
Because his heart was the only place I could call home
And now that it seems I’ve lost it, it’s time I lived in solitude
I may just have to wander…
Keep tossing coins
And making wishes
Till I find another place where my heart could live
And breathe beautifully without bruises
And if I finally have to take a walk through that door
I wish he would realise how much I’ve felt the piercings
How long I’ve endured the pains
And how many scars I’m walking away with.



I hold grudges with my heart

I am angry with my mind

I made a hasty decision

And now I’m paying the price

He has never been “the man”

Because he never owned up to responsibilities

He asked for favors with force

And always wanted things done at his beck and call

I’m like a fly in the home

Sometimes going unnoticed for months

I dread sleeping at night

Because it’s where the whole “uhms” n “ahs” are made with me tied to the bed

I never had a break from his manly stature

And each time he called from the bedroom, tears begin to roll down my cheeks

I have lived in constant fear of speaking up

Because wen I do, I’d either see a hand come my way

Or boots greeting me on the floor

I’m treated like a nobody

But to the outside world, I had it all

He saw nothing wrong with the whole thing

And actually thought there was more I could do to please him

I want it to come to an end

But letting go is not an option

Because, even through the pains

I’ve still come to realize that there’s nothing as a perfect man…anywhere. Continue reading