I hold grudges with my heart

I am angry with my mind

I made a hasty decision

And now I’m paying the price

He has never been “the man”

Because he never owned up to responsibilities

He asked for favors with force

And always wanted things done at his beck and call

I’m like a fly in the home

Sometimes going unnoticed for months

I dread sleeping at night

Because it’s where the whole “uhms” n “ahs” are made with me tied to the bed

I never had a break from his manly stature

And each time he called from the bedroom, tears begin to roll down my cheeks

I have lived in constant fear of speaking up

Because wen I do, I’d either see a hand come my way

Or boots greeting me on the floor

I’m treated like a nobody

But to the outside world, I had it all

He saw nothing wrong with the whole thing

And actually thought there was more I could do to please him

I want it to come to an end

But letting go is not an option

Because, even through the pains

I’ve still come to realize that there’s nothing as a perfect man…anywhere. Continue reading




……….We met at the mall
while I was picking a few cookies and sweets.
 And he, just around to shop for
some beers, while getting ready to watch a match with the boys.
We bumped into each other and a schedule for a date was set.

……….I was all dressed in pink, while he was covered with Hugo Boss perfume
I could paint a portrait of him so clear, if given a sheet and a marker;
he looked so bright and his smile reflected right on my lips.
His eyes gazed at me and made mine so dim with shyness.
……….I remember perfectly what he said right after the date……we’ll
 meet again, right here.
 I smiled and repeated, right here. 

……….I tried to wink, but realized my eyes were already, perfectly shut.
 I opened my eyes just to realize my head was tucked firmly to my pillow
and my body, resting peacefully in my bed;
it was a dream.

……….If i really want us to have another date,
as perfect as we did, I guess we’ll definitely meet right there………
……….in my dreams.