……….We met at the mall
while I was picking a few cookies and sweets.
 And he, just around to shop for
some beers, while getting ready to watch a match with the boys.
We bumped into each other and a schedule for a date was set.

……….I was all dressed in pink, while he was covered with Hugo Boss perfume
I could paint a portrait of him so clear, if given a sheet and a marker;
he looked so bright and his smile reflected right on my lips.
His eyes gazed at me and made mine so dim with shyness.
……….I remember perfectly what he said right after the date……we’ll
 meet again, right here.
 I smiled and repeated, right here. 

……….I tried to wink, but realized my eyes were already, perfectly shut.
 I opened my eyes just to realize my head was tucked firmly to my pillow
and my body, resting peacefully in my bed;
it was a dream.

……….If i really want us to have another date,
as perfect as we did, I guess we’ll definitely meet right there………
……….in my dreams.




I heard my favorite music in the background.

I couldn’t think of anything else than my heart drumming the beats of the song.

It was getting dark…I glanced at my watch; half past seven, I read.
I had been sitting there for close to five hours, waiting for nothing.
Perhaps, everything I needed was around me…music, notepad, pen and me.
I couldn’t think of anything or anyone else…
I sat there scribbling and listening to the song…
I wrote something I later read which made no sense…nonsense!
I couldn’t count the number of pages I had ripped of the notepad, just to make meaningful words.
I kept nodding ma head to the song and my pen kept moving in lines on the pad…
Guess what!
I had written the lyrics of the song without noticing, instead of doing my homework.
By the time I could snap out of my reverie, it was six in the morning…
Mum was calling out my name and the school bus, honking it’s old horn as usual, prompting me to move towards it.
My homework was undone…
Rather, I had written the lyrics of my favorite Toni Braxton’s “Breathe Again” for my teacher.
I can imagine his face as he opens to supervise my work…



Life wouldn’t have been any better without you.
you are a necessity in all life’s situations.
For my sake, you give up all your happiness just to see me smile.
You are a diamond among stones…
a precious mineral among pearls.
What would I have done without you?
Who would I have been without your words of encouragements and inspirations?
Sometimes, I forget all the days I cried, just to put on a smile to make you happy.
When I say a prayer for anyone else, I never forget what mama went through to see me grow.
Now, it seems like yesterday when I was just 6. Mama was there to wipe my tears and pull my cheeks so i could smile from ear-to-ear.
Up until today, whenever a tear drops onto my cheeks, all I see is mama.
Always there!
Always there to wipe my tears off.
I’ll always love you, mama, no matter what. 

Dedicated to my mum and all mothers who make a difference…




I forgot about the future

 In order to think about the past, the past I always see when I blink my eyes…

… It keeps occurring to me anytime I hear that name,

See that face,

And think about those times.

My past was always filled with refreshing memories I find hard to forget,

All because I was with that one heart that really never can be found again…

… Even though my future holds a lot for me, I still cannot be

Without the other part of me;

My past, where all the hearts paused, just to see ours beat.

… It’s all coming back to me

To realize how much I miss this past

And how I would want it back…

… If wishes were horses, beggars will ride,

But just maybe my wish of seeing my past again could come true.



Oh gosh!

He’s here again…

…I can’t tell him how I feel about him

Neither can I let him know how it feels like

To have goosebumps and butterflies for someone you barely know.

I can only sit, watch and hope he approaches me,

There, we could start to be friends and my confidence would rise.

I have a crush for him,

Don’t know how and don’t ask me why.

I just feel my heart beat faster whenever he’s around.

Maybe it wouldn’t even last for long,

But I just want a way to let him know

How I feel about him.

I know it’s just a crush,

But hey, I’m careful not to spill it out to him.



Tears roll down my eyes when I see our picture hanging on the wall
What ever happened to “Us”?
I never wanted it to be this way
But we never have a conversation without fights
Make-up times are even the worst…
Either someone calls your phone and you have to walk away
Or I get an urgent text I’d have to reply
And then the flames start again…
It isn’t that easy looking back at all the things we did together
And now I sit back in the sofa all alone hoping to hear a knock on the door…
I always imagine you standing behind the door with cakes and sweets in your hand saying “It’s weekend again, baby”
How I wish I could erase those memories now
But all I see now is just our smiling picture on the wall
Face-to-face, we always sat in public
And caught the attention of others with our kisses…
Where’s the man who bumped into me and smiled?
Why is it so hard to believe you’re gone so fast?
And why can’t you just make that call to say “I’m sorry”
I’d always take you back
Because that force inside of me is stronger than the ocean waves…
I’d love to hear from you
If you’re indeed not mad at me
I still love you and will always do
…And oh, if I ever did something I’m not even aware of, I’m sorry.
I’m truly sorry…and I could say that a hundred and one times for your sake
Just so you come back home.
Because, I really miss “Us”.



Tell me why you never get angry at me
I would like to know what I do so right
That makes you act so perfect
Have I not got any flaws
Or have you not got any clues?
I keep yelling
And you keep smiling…
You hardly go crazy about my whining
All I hear you say is “stop crying”
And I sometimes wonder if I’m dreaming
What in the world did I do wrong
To have you by my side all day long?
I’m not so perfect, that I admit
But you still being there makes me even scared…
What if I loose you someday…
…or what if you get tired of all these childish treatments?
Even though I act so crazy sometimes
All I ever wanted is to keep you close to myself…
I hope you still find me adorable in a thousand years to come
Or you better frown at me now
And let me realize how hurt you are by my actions.
My heart is only growing
And yes, for your love each day.
If you ever find anything wrong about me, tell me now
Because I know how “perfect” I can be.



I was in bed

And something came into mind

A pen and paper was all I could find
“Hi dear”…”Hey love”
I kept on canceling
No word seemed to make any meaning
And no sentence actually reached that feeling
I was so eager to send that mail
But all the words I tried had failed
“Lend me your eyes”
I started…
I’m about to pour my greatest secret on paper
“I love you”
I revealed…
It’s been so hard to bear
I wish I never let it out…for I’m just a lonely girl wanting to be noticed
If my letter ever gets to you
Please remember I don’t need a reply…
…All I’m asking is for you to share a heartbeat with me
Let me know if your heart beats the way mine does.
Maybe I didn’t need a pen and paper
And just maybe I shouldn’t have written this letter
But to whom it may concern…my love letter is been sent.



I was going to the wrong places
And looking at the wrong faces
Hoping love would smile at me once again.
I kissed frogs
And touched glow lamps
Just waiting for my dreams to come true.
I have given up countless times
And wished I never tried over and over again.
Until that smile pierced through the darkness
And lit my heart with love.
It was a strange experience
But I feel beautiful now, knowing that you’re close
And would never think of walking away.
If ever I should have flashes of memories
I would never want to forget the day I found you…
Love touched me and I’m never going to let it slip away again.