I hardly write pieces like this…
I’m not used to putting pen on a sheet just to scribble words as sweet as this
Matters of the heart is something I don’t enjoy playing with…
…But I’m really determined to drive my message straight to your heart this time around
Just like an archer would aim at his target and shoot without missing it
I’ve developed some liking for you
Which is rare…So rare
I don’t usually feel this way towards “first-sight” people
What’s happening to me?!
I’m beginning to feel my heart beat faster at the mention of your name
And my face turning bright red at the sight of you…
Could it be that thing called love
Or probably one of those infatuations
Whatever this feeling might be
All I’m asking of you is to give me a chance to share it with you…
…We might probably have a happy ending like those we’ve heard of in fairy tales
My heart is beating as the clock keeps ticking
I’m waiting till you say “yes”
Or I’ll never stop bleeding
And so before I drop my pen, I’d like to make a wish…
…From my heart, where all these words flow
I hope you send a bird with your message to me…Pretty soon.
Bleeding heart.

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