Let’s break the rules
Mum and dad aren’t needed
With just you, it’s family
Take me across the river
Where no one will notice
Let’s secretly say our vows
“I do” “I do”
That’s all I want to hear
And it’s enough to make us a couple
Let’s get married
Ignore the guys at the bar on Saturday
I’m turning down the shopping offer with the girls too
I’m eager to have you as my man
Beside me forever
And it’s going to happen no matter what
Forget about the cake
Or the champagne poppers
I’m not even bothered about having my first dance
All I want to see is you by my side, forever!
Turn the clock to six, I’ll meet you at seven
The birds will be ready to sing natures loveliest of tunes
And the sky above with open arms to bless it
Let’s use what nature has to offer us
And make our vows the best thing ever
Get married to me
And I’ll be the happiest woman ever to survive.
Marry me…will you?!

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